product nameTeSys VARIO

device short nameV

product or component typeSwitch body

performance levelHigh performance

poles description3P

contacts type and composition3 NO

network typeAC

network frequency50/60 Hz

suitability for isolationYes

mounting supportSymmetrical rail

[Ue] rated operational voltage690 V AC 50/60 Hz

[Uimp] rated impulse withstand voltage8 kV

[Ith] conventional free air thermal current25 A

[Ithe] conventional enclosed thermal current20 A

[Ie] rated operational current14.5 A AC-23 Ue: 400 V

rated operational power in W11 kW at 500 V (AC-23A)
11 kW at 690 V (AC-3)
15 kW at 690 V (AC-23A)
4 kW at 230...240 V (AC-3)
5.5 kW at 400...415 V (AC-3)
7.5 kW at 500 V (AC-3)
5.5 kW at 230...240 V (AC-23A)
7.5 kW at 400...415 V (AC-23A)

intermittent duty class30

Making capacity ( I Rms)250 A at 400 V AC-21A
250 A at 400 V AC-22A
250 A at 400 V AC-23A

[Icm] rated short-circuit making capacity1 kA at 400 V at Ipeak

[Icw] rated short-time withstand Rms current300 A at 400 V duration: 1 s

rated conditional short-circuit current10 kA at 400 V - associated fuse 25 A aM
10 kA at 400 V - associated fuse 25 A gG

breaking capacity200 A at 400 V (AC-21A)
200 A at 400 V (AC-22A)
200 A at 400 V (AC-23A)

mechanical durability100000 cycles

electrical durability100000 cycles AC-21
30000 cycles DC-1...5

connections - terminalsPower circuit: screw clamp terminals10 mm² - solid
Power circuit: screw clamp terminals6 mm² - flexible - with cable end

tightening torquePower circuit: 2.1 N.m - on screw clamp terminals

height74 mm

width55 mm

depth60 mm

net weight0.2 kg