network rated voltage400 V AC 50 Hz
415 V AC 50 Hz

reactive power rating200 kvar

operating modeAutomatic


device short nameVarSet automatic with detuned reactors

product or component typeCapacitor bank

network pollution levelPolluted

[Gh/Sn] harmonic pollution rate25…50 %

[THDU] total harmonic distorsion of voltage4…7 %

tuning factor3.8

tuning frequency190 Hz

power per step50 kvar

step composition4x50

location of connectionTop

controller typeVarplus Logic VPL6 Modbus

capacitor technologyVarplusCan + detuned reactors

poles description3P

capacitance tolerance- 5 % to 10 %

[Ui] rated insulation voltage690 V

[Uimp] rated impulse withstand voltage8 kV

maximum permissible voltage1.1 x Un (8 hours over 24 hours) conforming to IEC 60831

[Imp] maximum permanent currentCapacitor: 1.8 x In at 480 V conforming to IEC 60831
Battery: 1.19 x In at 400 V conforming to IEC 61439-2
Battery: 1.19 x In at 415 V conforming to IEC 61439-2

main incomer protectionWithout protection

[Icw] rated short-time withstand current30 kA at 1 s (Icw)

step protection typeOverload: step circuit breaker
Short-circuit: step circuit breaker

accessibility for operationFront

colourGrey (RAL 7035)

maximum weight334 kg

height1300 mm

width800 mm capacitor:
800 mm detuned reactor:

depth300 mm

provided equipmentAuxiliary transformer

internal voltage transformer400/230 V - 400 VA

function availableGenSet shedding contact
Alarm contact

standardsIEC 61439-2
IEC 61921
IEC 61439-1

product certificationsCE

mounting locationIndoor

IP degree of protectionEnvironment: IP31
Safety: IPxx B

IK degree of protectionIK10

relative humidity0…95 %

operating altitude<= 2000 m

ambient air temperature for operation-5…45 °C

average ambient air temperature for operation35 °C (annual)
45 °C (over 24 hours)

Packing Units
Package 1 Weight267.000 kg

Package 1 Height141.000 cm

Package 1 width65.000 cm

Package 1 Length176.000 cm