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    UA50-30-00 220-230V 50Hz / 230-240V 60Hz
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    UA50-30-00 220-230V 50Hz / 230-240V 60Hz Contactor
  • Long Description:
    UA50 3-pole contactors for capacitor switching, can be used for the switching of capacitor banks whose inrush current peaks are less than or equal to 100 times nominal rms current. The table below gives the permissible powers according to operational voltage and temperature close to the contactor. It also specifies the maximum peak current Î values accepted by the contactor. The capacitors must be discharged (maximum residual voltage at terminals ≤ 50 V) before being re-energized when the contactors are making. In these conditions, electrical durability of contactors is equal to 100 000 operating cycles. The UA.. series 3-pole contactors are of the block type design. - Main poles: 3 main poles - Control circuit: AC operated with laminated magnet circuit - Accessories: a wide range of accessories is available.