product nameTeSys VARIO

device short nameVCCF

product or component typeEmergency stop switch disconnector

performance levelHigh performance

poles description3P

contacts type and composition3 NO

network typeAC

control typeRotary handle

rotary handle mounting styleExtended

handle colourRed

handle front plate colourYellow

suitability for isolationYes

rotary handle padlocking1 to 3 padlocks 4…8 mm

marking0 - 1

mounting supportHandle: door
Switch: symmetrical rail
Switch: plate

fixing modeBy 4 screws for handle
By clips for switch
By screws for switch

[Ue] rated operational voltage690 V AC 50/60 Hz

[Uimp] rated impulse withstand voltage8 kV

[Ith] conventional free air thermal current20 A

[Ithe] conventional enclosed thermal current16 A

[Ie] rated operational current11 A AC-23 Ue: 400 V

rated operational power in W11 kW at 690 V (AC-23A)
3 kW at 230...240 V (AC-3)
4 kW at 400...415 V (AC-3)
5.5 kW at 500 V (AC-3)
7.5 kW at 500 V (AC-23A)
7.5 kW at 690 V (AC-3)
4 kW at 230...240 V (AC-23A)
5.5 kW at 400...415 V (AC-23A)

intermittent duty class30

Making capacity ( I Rms)200 A at 400 V AC-21A
200 A at 400 V AC-22A
200 A at 400 V AC-23A

[Icm] rated short-circuit making capacity1 kA at 400 V at Ipeak

[Icw] rated short-time withstand Rms current300 A at 400 V duration: 1 s

rated conditional short-circuit current10 kA at 400 V - associated fuse 20 A aM
10 kA at 400 V - associated fuse 20 A gG

breaking capacity200 A at 400 V (AC-21A)
200 A at 400 V (AC-22A)
200 A at 400 V (AC-23A)

device compositionHandle
Shaft extension

mechanical durability100000 cycles

electrical durability100000 cycles AC-21
30000 cycles DC-1...5

connections - terminalsPower circuit: screw clamp terminals10 mm² - solid
Power circuit: screw clamp terminals6 mm² - flexible - with cable end

tightening torquePower circuit: 2.1 N.m - on screw clamp terminals

handle front plate dimension60 x 60 mm

height74 mm

width60 mm

net weight0.527 kg